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You Haven't Lived Until You've Cruised!


Every day more and more people are discovering the all-inclusive pleasures of a cruise vacation. More singles, families, couples, honeymooners, second honeymooners and groups of friends are sailing away on the vacations of their lives. When you add it all up, it's easy to see a number of reasons why cruising has become such a popular vacation choice.



Stateroom accommodations featuring all the comforts of home
Ocean transportation
Personalized service
Various dining options, including 24-hour Room Service
Supervised kids' programs
Vegas or Broadway-style shows
Entry to nightclubs, piano bars and more
Onboard Activities
State-of-the-art Fitness Facilities
Health & Fitness activities like yoga and basketball
Pool(s) and hot tubs

In addition . . . cruises offer other amenities and activities for a fee. Such as premium dining, casinos, shore excursions, art auctions, shopping, photographic services, medical services and internet access.  Specific offerings do vary from itinerary to cruise line to ship. 


Value: It's a fabulous value for the money. When you compare what you get for your cruise dollar to what you'd pay for a similar land-based vacation, visiting multiple destinations, you quickly discover that a cruise is a remarkable bargain. So much is included, from dining to entertainment. 

Convenience: Set sail from 22 close-to-home U.S. ports, and no matter how many places you visit, you'll only unpack once. And while onboard, wallets and purses aren't required! 


Variety: Thousands of itineraries to hundreds of ports across all seven continents. And there are endless activities for every taste, onboard and ashore. You can sample a broad geographic area. Cruises usually cover a vast area, stopping at the most interesting places along the way. A number of destinations are in fact best visited via ships, such as Alaska, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean. 


Choice: Dine in shorts or dress to the nines - today's cruising can be as casual or luxurious as you like. Choose an action-packed adventure or a poolside retreat - it's your cruise, it's your choice! 


Comfort: More oceanview and balcony staterooms, more luxurious bedding, and more expanded spa and sports facilities are just a few of the many ways today's fleets will pamper you in style. 

Shopping: A cruise facilitates shopping. Each port has its own shopping opportunities (often duty-free), as does the ship itself. (A wide selection of onboard boutiques is becoming increasingly common.) And, you don't have to haul your purchases around as you go from place to place. 


Romance: A cruise is a romantic experience. Cruises have a way of breathing new energy into an old relationship, or of setting the stage for a new one. It's also a great way to celebrate special events, such as anniversaries, honeymoon, birthdays, etc. 


There’s a cruise that can satisfy virtually everyone – families, singles, clubs, church groups, young people, old people, sports lovers and more –can find a cruise to fit their individual tastes and interests. The choices are limitless. Few other vacation alternatives offer the variety of destinations, entertainment and activities.


No wonder cruise vacations rank so high in customer satisfaction.


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