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Our biggest compliment is have repeat cruisers time and time again!

I love Sundancer Cruises! I'm not just saying it - I can prove it! - I've cruised with Sundancer since 2006, for 9 amazing adventures so far. Brent and Cathy have a system, and I mean that in the best possible way. They know all the in's and out's of managing every aspect of a successful cruise vacation, and a productive series of dance workshops, and an exciting list of theme dance parties! Until you've been on a dance cruise, it's hard to understand how many details are involved... and even then, it's difficult to fully appreciate all the things that Sundancer handles behind the scenes! For instance, they charter their own buses to get us around before and after the cruise, and often schedule their own fun excursions in various ports (at a much better value than the ships provide) so we can have even more fun with our dance friends. They don't miss a trick! Sundancer is smart, too - careful to select ships with facilities appropriate to ballroom dancing at sea, and being sure they don't overbook each trip for the floor space available. Cathy and Brent know how to make every day, every event, enjoyable... and that's why they have so many repeat travelers like me! These days, each Sundancer dance cruise feels a little like a class reunion, as friends from past cruises get together for another spectacular getaway. I am always looking forward to my next Sundancer cruise! Who's coming along next time?? See you at sea!!

Calvin Weaver of Maine

Sundancer has the best dance cruises for the cost. This is the most fun way to have a dance experience while visiting foreign shores. My husband Craig and I had the best time ever teaching and dancing with willing students between ports. This is the best vacation ever.

Holly Collins of Adventures in Dance in Colorado

I'd just like to say that I MISS MY DANCE CRUISE FAMILY! I haven't been able to join you for a while, but that doesn't mean I don't intend to catch up with you in the near future and add more beautiful moments to my dance cruise memory file! Thanks for being a wonderful part of my life.

Roxi K. of California

My wife and I have cruised with Sundancer Cruises on several occasions.  We totally enjoyed the camaraderie with the other cruisers and the social dance parties.  Everything was well organized and the cruise locations and itineraries were wonderful.  For a dancer, it doesn’t get any better than cruising with a Sundancer group!   They’re the best!

Solomon & Karen of Washington

I went on my first cruise ever in February, 2016. I would have been up a creek without a paddle if I had not gone on a Sundancer cruise. Cathy walked me through everything I needed to do and sent out reminders to get things done. She even set up two private excursions, exclusively for our group, that we could sign up for. We had dance workshops all day, some even on port days. We had an extra five hours of flash mob instruction and practice, and did a flash mob performance for the entire ship. We had a social dance every day, including the welcome dance on the day of boarding with complimentary cocktails. We could purchase DVDs of the workshops and our dances through Sundancer, and we had a special rate on the ship's DVD.  Cathy even set up a shared photo website link with free download of any photos that Sundancer and the fellow cruisers had provided. In 2017, the Sundancer cruise will be in the summer. Because I can only go in the winter, and wanted to go on another dance cruise, I started looking around for another dance cruise. None of the dance cruises offered as much as the Sundancer cruises. I believe the Sundancer cruise offered a lot of extras that you may not find on another dance cruise. I would highly recommend Sundancer.

Jan Parker

People ask me all the time why would I teach on a dance cruise being as I teach dance every day for a living.  Great question, only one answer "Sundancer Cruises"!  I know each time I sign on for one of these cruises as a guest instructor that they will be professionally managed so that while the guests (and often my own students) are enjoying quality dance time, private dance parties, great music, we are all assured of great ships, wonderful excursions and attention to the details that make a great vacation -- dancing or not.  If you love to dance and love to travel this is the only way to go!

Maggie Francucci, Owner/Creative Director of Dance Connection in Colorado

I have sailed six times with Sundancer between January 2008 and October 2011 on various cruise lines with varied itineraries (Mexican Riviera , Caribbean, Hawaii , Europe ).  Each cruise has been exceptional.   I have made lifetime friends from these cruises. Cathy & Brent are wonderful, organized, thorough, and plan the cruises well. Love our first day gathering and always a joy to see fellow past cruisers. It's like a reunion.  I highly recommend joining her cruises.  

Lil D. of California

I have worked as a dance host for Sundancer Cruises for several years and I was always impressed how Cathy and Brent always made sure that each person was having a good time and that everything was running smoothly. I have made many friends that I still see and keep in touch with long after our cruise ended. Sundancer does it right!

Glenn T. of California

We were reluctant first time cruisers several years ago when we signed on with Cathy and Brent for a  Sundancer Cruise - a 3 day/4 night itinerary.  We had such a blast that we've returned to go on a number of their cruises.  Each one has been marked by Cathy and Brent's warmth, care and enthusiasm.  Every possible detail of the travel experience is attended to and the dance opportunities are numerous, well organized and FUN!  The guest instructors make the workshops worthwhile for dancers at any level and the social dancing is plentiful.  Sharing the travel and the dancing with other people who have those passions is exhilarating.  There are many "repeat customers" which makes each cruise like a family reunion.  We'd go anywhere with the Paxtons and Sundancer Cruisers!

Carole and Dan of Colorado

I met my husband in Sept 2014 on what turned out to be a fabulous 'love boat' Sundancer cruise from Vancouver to LA! John was/is an American seasoned ballroom dancer and I was a Canadian novice dancer,  both of us looking for an opportunity to dance and an interesting cruise itinerary. The itinerary that attracted each of us was, ironically, the Canadian/USA west coast! Though we had both cruised before, this was our first with Sundancer. The dance and travel aspects of this cruise were so enjoyable that we hope to do another with the Paxtons, whose superb planning and organization helped make our first cruise experience with them a resounding success (we married in March 2016)!


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